Special Events

Flavors in the wine cellar with the companies of “Dolegna” The Collio 7 stars.

Return October 28, the fifth edition of Flavors Winery in Dolegna del Collio, the cultural and gastronomic journey from the local Pro Loco “Pieri Zorut” with the help of the “Dolegna. The Collio 7-star”.


The association Dolegna del Collio comes officially to Mittelfest.

From July 9, the festival of Cividale del Friuli will be the showcase for the proposed wine production association “Dolegna. The Collio 7-star”.


The association was founded “Dolegna. The Collio 7-star”.

Founded the association “Dolegna. The Collio 7 Stars”, an association that aims to promote not only the wine production of precious and unique Gorizia Collio, but also an area rich in history, culture and nature.


Welcome to Dolegna


Nestling between the river Idrija and the Italian-Slovenian border, Dolegna del Collio is a pearl that comes out of the shell of the Julian Alps in the sun to show the Friuli plain. Almost descended from the Alps, it seems Dolegna “located at the bottom,” as its name of Slovenian origin.


The small village of Dolegna, a maze of narrow streets dominated from above by the famous castle, also includes six districts: Vencò, Lonzano, Ruttars, Scriò, Mernico and Restocina. These six locations, surrounding Dolegna as guardians winding hills, dotted beauty and charm of the area, the birthplace of the poet Pietro Zorutti. Seven picturesque churches mark the path that unites the different villages, the seven stars of prestige also celebrated in the national banner: Dolegna and its six villages, immersed in the rows of vines that climb on the gentle slopes of the Collio, bind their history and their name to the local wine, rich taste and culture valued and promoted by Dolegna del Collio seven stars.