The association was founded “Dolegna. The Collio 7-star”.

Founded the association “Dolegna. The Collio 7 Stars”, an association that aims to promote not only the wine production of precious and unique Gorizia Collio, but also an area rich in history, culture and nature.

The twelve companies that have given rise to the Association are: Casa delle Rose, Grudina,  Ronchi Peter, Jermann, Norina Pez, Ronco Scagnet, Ronchi Ro ‘delle Fragole, Ferruccio Sgubin, Tiare ®, Venica & Venica, Dino Turco and Zorutti of Comis.
The birth of the association aims to outline a path in line with the provisions of the Measure 133 of the Rural Development Programme, to enhance all products of this land.