Unity is strength. It promotes excellence.


It shines in the firmament of the food and wine culture, the Association Dolegna del Collio 7-Stars, an association that aims to promote within and outside the borders of Friuli the best wines of Collio, together with typical local specialties .


Pulsed Heart Association, which found in the municipality of Dolegna a talented leader, 12 wineries that are located in the area: Casa delle Rose,  Ronchi Peter, Grudina, Jermann, Norina Pez, Ronchi Rò delle Fragole, Ronco Scagnet, Ferruccio Sgubin, Tiare ®, Dino Turco, Venica & Venica and Zorutti of Comis. Small and large organizations united by the excellence of the offer, boasting 710 hectares of specialized vineyards and produces nearly one million bottles a year.
Active since 2011 and chaired by Carlo Comis, the Association plays a key role in the development of the territory of Dolegna, where history and culture frame a suggestive picture. Wrapped in an atmosphere full of charm, the tourist benefits from accommodation facilities, which combine quality and comfort.